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Award-winning quilt teacher, designer, and creator of Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

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Specializing in streamlined innovative piecing techniques for both traditional pieced and paper pieced quilts.

Quick-Strip Paper Piecing is a faster, easier way to paper piece using strips and assembly line methods. It's a great introduction to paper piecing for beginners, and experienced paper piecers will love it, too! With Quick-Strip Paper Piecing you'll be piecing blocks and quilts in a fraction of the time!
Peggy Martin

I’m delighted to be teaching several classes at the Houston International Quilt Festival – the largest quilt festival in the world! I will be teaching a variety of workshops with both traditional piecing and Quick-Strip Paper Piecing. Click here for Houston Festival Supply Lists for my classes. To sign up for Workshops, go to the IQA website at and click on “International Quilt Festival/Houston” to view or order the catalog when it becomes available.

Click here to see my Craftsy class (now on Bluprint)!

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I'm so excited to be offering a Quick-Strip Paper Piecing course on! I will show you everything you need to know about Quick-Strip Paper Piecing, beginning with simple projects and working into more complicated blocks with many design possibilities.

This is an on-line video class that is interactive—you can ask me questions and I will answer them on the Craftsy platform. Download and print all the patterns and supply lists directly from the site. My first book, Quick-Strip Paper Piecing, has now been added as an e-book and is included in the class materials. You can post your finished quilts and see what the other students in the class are doing, too! Click on the Craftsy button above for more details.

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2010 Quilting Teacher of the Year

2010 Quilting Teacher of the Year

I am honored to have been selected as Professional Quilter's Quilting Teacher of the Year for 2010!! It is very gratifying to be nominated by my students for the second time, and even more exciting to be the winner of this honor. I always try to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere in my classes, where students can learn and explore their own creativity while still having fun! A big thank you to all my students over the years - I have enjoyed and appreciated each and every one of you!!

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Books and DVD by Peggy Martin

All items are published by C&T Publishing. Click the link to go to C&T’s website, then enter “Peggy Martin” in the search box for information on ordering my books and DVD.

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DVD: "Peggy Martin Teaches You Quick-Strip Paper Piecing"

Everything you need to know about Quick-Strip Paper Piecing is shown in detail in this DVD, including making photocopies of your patterns, choosing fabrics, step-by-step instructions for the Quick-Strip Paper Piecing technique, and many design possibilities. It's like taking a private workshop in the comfort of your own home!
Quick-Strip Paper Piecing book picture

Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

This great technique revolutionized paper piecing by making it much faster, easier for beginners to learn, and a lot more fun for everyone! This best-selling book introduces complete instructions for this new approach, and contains four projects, including New York Beauty, Millennium Star, Midnight Garden, and Rainbow Galaxy, a sampler quilt that makes a great Block-of-the-Month project!
Paper Piece the Quick Strip Way book picture

Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way

My second book on Quick-Strip Paper Piecing includes easy design techniques to draft your own paper-pieced blocks. Complete instructions for the Quick-Strip Paper Piecing technique are also included, as well as twelve projects including Star Dance, Christmas Cactus, Starlight, Starbright, Dusk to Dawn, Snow Flurries, Gypsy in My Soul, Summer in Provence, plus others.
The Expert's Guide to Foundation Piecing book picture

The Expert's Guide to Foundation Piecing, by Jane Hall.

I'm delighted to be a part of this book, along with 14 other foundation piecers. Many different methods of foundation piecing are presented in this book, with each contributor having a project featured. Published by C&T Publishing.

About Peggy Martin

Peggy Martin began quilting in 1981, piecing and quilting everything by hand. A few years later, when quicker methods were being discovered, she became hooked on finding faster, easier ways to make quilts. When she began teaching in 1985, she continued to develop more streamlined, fast, fun methods of working. She enjoys expanding on traditional quilts with new variations and color-play. Her favorite quilts are those which are fast, easy to piece, and offer many design possibilities.

Peggy has been presenting programs and workshops at guilds and seminars since 1988. She was selected as Professional Quilter's Teacher of the Year in 2010. She is an award-winning quilter and has exhibited in many national shows. She lives in San Diego, California and is married with two grown sons.

The following lists indicate lectures and workshops that Peggy Martin gives. Email her at for details and current prices.


All lectures can be done as either trunk shows of all quilts or a combination of PowerPoint slides plus fewer quilts, depending upon travel requirements.

Beyond Tradition

Expand your creativity by using traditional quilts as a springboard for design inspiration. See how one idea leads to another, making one small change at a time to come up with totally new ideas and looks. Traditional quilts and the more contemporary ones that result from going one step beyond will be shown and discussed.

Adventures in Color

Color is often the first thing we notice in a quilt, affecting our response to it in an emotional way. Free up your own creativity in your quilts by learning the inmportance of "value" as well as color and by looking at a variety of strategies and approaches to working with color in new ways.

Enjoying the Journey

I began quilting in 1981, drafting traditional blocks for templates, hand piecing and hand quilting. When the rotary cuter and faster methods appeared, I was able to make many more quilts, and I now machine quilt my quilts. A look at quilts spanning my 30+ years of quilting and teaching, exploring a wide variety of patterns and concepts, as well as how my style and color sense have evolved.


All workshops include full instruction in innovative techniques for both traditional piecing and Quick-Strip Paper Piecing, and are suitable for confident beginners to advanced quilters. Click on the sample quilts to see them full size, and to view other examples of quilts using the same block. Click here for a description of the workshops and images of sample quilts.

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